Thursday, November 15, 2007

What to Wear: Paris in November

I've started packing for Paris and I'm getting excited for the trip! Because I'm only going to 10 days, I have space to pack a great mix of cute pieces. Here's what I've got so far based on a black, gray, burgundy and brown color scheme:
2 cardigans
2 turtlenecks
2 pullover sweaters
1 silk blouse
4 skirts
2 pairs of jeans
1 pair of wool trousers
1 pair of brown boots
1 pair of red flats
1 pair of silver flats
1 black wool coat
scarf and gloves
assortment of tights & socks
assortment of tanks and tees
1 wide black belt
Chanel No. 5
unlined journal
colored pencils
glue stick
New Yorker
I'm planning to wear the boots, a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a cardigan and the coat on the flight over. In Paris, I'm hoping it will be warm enough to wear skirts with sweaters and opaque tights almost everyday.


Anonymous said...

What bag/purse are you taking. I am trying to find a bag for my upcoming trip.

MissEm said...

Just my normal navy tote. It's big enough to hold a scarf and a guide book. Cheap enough that I won't worry about it :)

anne said...

I'm a big proponent of not wearing jeans on long'll get super uncomfortable after awhile and will be much better off in pants or even a skirt with tights. Just my two cents since I do this flight fairly often, even though I wear jeans almost every day and it's hard to pry them off me!

Chelsea said...

Your boots look more comfortable than mine. I tried wearing tall boots on a train trip and then an overseas flight and it was awful. Maybe it's just the fact that I hate sitting in one spot, but after 10 minutes I was ready to rip those boots off.

Your outfits sound really cute. I can't wait to see pictures! I hope you have a fun trip.

MissEm said...

Oh, they're getting ripped off as soon as I'm on the plane. I'll be flying in my socks :)

kaili said...

That's a perfect packing list. I was in Paris at the exact same time as you last year, and I wore skirts with tights and boots almost every single day. Also, make sure to have a very good and sturdy brella - it rained at some point almost every day... Nothing bad, just needed to pop open the umbrella or duck into yet another incredible shop or musuem!

And don't forget that today is Beaujolais Nouveau, so you'll be able to try it on site!

Kate F. said...

Hee, I think I'll be in town at the same time as you. I assume you guys have lodging all wrapped up since it's not last-minute for you, but if not e-mail me through my blog. I am going for work, but on a budget, and I found a GREAT apartment rental service. I'm staying in a killer apartment in the heart of the Latin Quarter for 114 E/night. And there's laundry, thank god.

Your list is useful. Since I'm going for work but will have a few days off (and will be in three cities at different latitudes over the course of 10 days) I'm still puzzling through what to take. I'm off to London for four days before Thxgiving, then back to Europe right after, so I'll test-run the weather on trip 1.

MissEm said...

How fun! We're staying in the Bastille at this hotel -

e said...

wow, that's more clothing and shoes than i packed for 24 days in Vietnam! but then again, you are going to Paris, after all. it sounds like you'll be well-dressed and ready for boulevard strolling. have a wonderful time!

Gina said...

Sounds like a wonderful list! Your hotel is absolutely lovely...I'm jealous. ; ) I'm leaving on a trip very shortly (to Peru), so this list is a help, even though I'm going to have to switch out hiking boots for cute flats.

MissEm said...

It's more than I usually pack, too. Trying to be a chic as possible in Paris!

Isabel said...

I can't wait to hear if it was warm enough for skirts! I was in Paris during Thanksgiving two years ago and I froze my butt off.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys I am going to Paris For week with my hubby in mid Nov, I don't know what to take with me i mean i want to wear skirts and stuff but don't know if i will be able to wear them let me know if i should take skirts with me thanks:D

marykayabblett said...

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