Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Holiday Wish List

By popular demand, here are a few things that I've got on my wish list for the holiday season. I'll try to keep the ideas coming :)

Scissors - Fair trade, handmade scissors are a thing of beauty (thanks Jordan! You're singlehandedly creating international demand for these). I'm of the opinion that one can't have too many nice combs or scissors.
Bracelets - A pretty little set with enamel beads and gold detail. I'm all about bracelets and earrings this year.
Cookbook - I'm intrigued to read what super-foodie Alice Waters recommends.
Planner - I've been hooked since Jordan gave me one from Kate Spade last year.
Umbrella - In Kiku Blue from Marimekko.
Candlesticks - Because I don't have any and I wish I did. I'm not particularly in love with this pair. More creative applicants, please apply.
Ribbon Box - Is an explanation of this necessary?
Cardigan - It's a luxury item that I really need and will wear forever.
Bakeware - I love using French porcelain pans for cooking.

And, same as since I was seven years old, I appreciate stationary, candles, perfume, estate jewelry, table linens, little antique-y things, books and candy too. If you would like to "claim" something from the list you can do so with an anonymous comment below.


Jessica said...

Check out these candlesticks:


Click on Fall & Holiday in the navigation at the left, then click on Candles & Candle Holders in the middle. Check out the Savannah Candlestick Collection.

Sara said...

I saw
this bag
and thought of you and your French adventures...

Jessica said...

Your list is so interesting. I feel like I'm asking for the same things every year.

Andie said...

I have been eyeing a cashmere sweater or two myself at J.Crew as of late.

love.boxes said...

All of those things are so beautiful.

laura said...

i recommend:


and these

Anonymous said...

i claim the umbrella for emily

Anonymous said...

I claim the cookbook.