Thursday, December 20, 2007

What to Wear: Christmas and New Year's Parties's mighty cold outside today. And I believe those areas outside of the California coast are even colder. So how do you dress cute when you need to stay warm? Here is Anne's question from Reno:
I love all your what to wear posts and I was hoping you could do a post on new year's parties. It will be freezing where I am and I am not motivated to wear a dress as we will be outside watching fireworks for at least part of the party. But this will also probably be the trendiest party that I will attend this year and I don't want to be underdressed. How can I still look cool without freezing? I'm 5'10" with broad shoulders and wide hips and the party is on the 14th floor of a fancy downtown apt. building (which means a great view of the fireworks!)
I think the trick is layering and accessories! You don't want to overdo it, though, and end up sweating while inside. Here's my recommendation:

Dress - Start with a dress that has long sleeves for an extra bit of warmth. Also, aim for silk. It's good at keeping your warm when it's cold and cool when it's warm.
Tights - Black opaque tights are super fashionable and keep your legs cozy.
Coat - A nice thick one that you can bury in the closet and pull out when you need to go outside.
Shoes - You can do pumps, but boots would be warmer. I love the retro cut of this pair, not necessarily cheap.
Beanie - Yes, really. Hide it in your coat pocket and pull it on for the fireworks show or other outdoor fun. You'll be so much warmer with it on. Plus, I think it's cute.
Gloves - Same goes for gloves. You can hide them in a pocket and you'll be so glad to have them. This pair is kicky in red.
Ring - A disco ball design is perfect for New Year's Eve.
Clutch - Adorable and $14.

Toss in some red lipstick and you'll be ready to have fun in any winter wonderland!


Stephanie said...

Hmmm maybe I missed this, but where did you find those fabulous boots?

MissEm said...

Piperlime -