Friday, December 07, 2007

What to Wear: Gray and Red Shoes

I seem to have struck a nerve with yesterday's post about "statement" shoes that you love, but can't figure out what to wear with. It's a common problem and I've got a few more requests. Here is Megan's dilemma:
I love that you give style advice, because I (always) need it badly. My ability to buy clothes usually ends at my waist. I have lots of bottoms, but no tops to go with them. This time however, my problem starts at the very bottom.

I just bought the cutest pair of shoes, and typically for me, I can't even begin to decide what to wear with them. I got as far as a pair of colored opaque tights and then floundered. When I put these babies on, I feel like learning the Charleston, so anything vintage -inspired would be welcome. Can you help??

I'm 5'10", dark blonde hair, pale skin, blue eyes and I love the color green. I have a high waist, broad shoulders and a straight silhouette (small bust, narrow hips) so I can't pull off any cute belted looks. My best feature is
my legs, they're long and despite the awful things I do to them (like skip yoga) always earn my compliments.

Any tips would be welcome. I love these shoes and desperately want to show them off to their best advantage - outside of the box they came in.
These shoes would be great as a hidden treat under menswear style trousers or when paired with a sleek pencil skirt and blouse. The trick is to dress away from the vintage styling to bring the shoes into the 21st century. Oh, and to avoid green, which could tip you into holiday elf-ville:

Shoes - Megan's own. Click here for a close up.
Dress - Navy blue really "soothes" the shoe color palate.
Jacket - A modern little corduroy jacket ties in with the ivory in the shoes. Order two sizes up, they run really small.
Clutch - Gray leather to match the shoes.
Necklace - With a hint of red.

Enjoy, Megan!


laura said...

those exact shoes are on my christmas list! awesome!

Anne said...

Ooh be careful with that Tulle jacket, they run INCREDIBLY small. So cute though!

MissEm said...

Good point! I forgot to mention that. Order at least 2 sizes up with Tulle. Other than that foible, they're lovely.

lsaspacey said...

Those are truly dreamy shoes!

mika said...

What color opaque stockings? I want to wear this to an Xmas party.

love.boxes said...

What a great outfit. Very festive. I think Megan should learn the Charleston! Vintage inspired everything is my favorite and these shoes are the cutest!!!

Megan said...

Great advice for the hopeless, Emily! I might just go cruising through Anthropologie for some pants as well. Many thanks! ~ Megan