Thursday, December 27, 2007

What to Wear: Gray Boots

Boots! I love them, wish I had more of them to wear everyday. Here is Wendy's request:
I just broke down and "invested" in a gorgeous pair of grey winter boots. They work with a few things I have (jeans, black skirts) but I'm looking for other ideas on how to get mileage out of them (i.e. I want to wear them everyday!) Any ideas? Gray was tricker than I realized!
What a cute pair! Is there anything you couldn't wear them with? Here's one idea:

Boots - In charcoal suede.
Sweater - My friend Margaret works at Anthropologie and has this in black.
Skirt - A dark denim pencil skirt is always versatile.
Jacket - Super pretty and only $88.
Earrings - Wood hoops from Forever 21.

I'm jealous, Wendy! Rock those boots with style for me.

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P O S I E S said...

Love this. I've been eyeing that jacket for weeks now.