Friday, December 28, 2007

What to Wear: Vail

I'm not much of a skier myself, but I do find the apre-ski part appealing. Here is Faith's request:
I'm heading to Vail with friends for New Year's Eve and I need help figuring out what wear out at night. I'd like to stay warm and dry (what type of shoe do I wear in snow?) and look charming without putting it all out on display! I can't really pull off the skinny jean tucked into a boot, but most other looks work well on me.
Have a little fun with your outfits while on vacation! I recommend playing up the ski resort style a bit with pieces you can mix and match later:

Dress - Cozy knit turtleneck dress on super sale from Macy's.
Boots - Lace up rubber boots are an adorable and affordable (only $24) alternative to more ridiculous furry apre-ski styles. Pair them with cute socks like these sparkly angoras.
Parka - This wooly bully is only $39 from La Redoute.
Scarf - Extra flair and warmth.
Mittens - They're lined with Thinsulate for extra warmth.
Earrings - In wood instead of metal to prevent frost-related discomfort.
Beret - Cozy and cute.

Stay warm, Faith!

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love.boxes said...

I love the deep red of that dress. Pretty. Lovely outfit as usual.