Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What to Wear: Winter Wedding

Winter weddings and cocktail parties call for a new surge of dress finding this month. Here is Jessica's request:
I'm trying to find a dress for the wedding of my husband's friend on December 16, 2007. I just got the invitation in the mail today, and I'm feeling perplexed about what to wear. It's a Sunday wedding, ceremony starting at 4:30 with the reception immediately after. It's not in a church, and in fact is in the historic building that my husband and I got married in just over a year ago.

The combination of Sunday, early afternoon, and likely cold weather leaves me puzzled as to what would be an appropriate look.
I'm 5' 3" and 110 pounds- short torso and wide hips though. Medium-long hair that is currently a muddled reddish brown (in between dye jobs, ha), and am quite pale. I'd like to spend under $100 on the dress. Thanks for any advice you can offer. Oh- and their color scheme is red & black, if that helps at all.
As a fellow "twiggy" person, I also love a dress with a little bit of coverage. Something to take the edge off bony elbows.

Dress - I know that black is a socially acceptable color to wear to weddings these days...but I just can't bring myself to recommend it. This brown and gray number from the Gap is modern, covering and only $60. Pair it with a gray wool coat or a trench.
Shoes - If the weather is really cold, you can wear brown boots with this dress. Otherwise, show some leg with some nude fishnets and gray suede pumps.
Earrings - Tie the whole thing together and give it a little more of a festive look.
Clutch - From Forever21.

Have fun at the wedding!


Katie said...

Oh, I like that dress Em. I might just run out and get it for my work Christmas work party!

Cindy said...

Wore nude fishnets for the first time because of your post. Loved the look and looked fantastic with my gray dress and red patent leather heels! thanks so much!

Jessie said...

Good suggestions! I like the black one. Did you by any chance find it at a store on ? I found one I really loved there, that looked similar, but I forgot to bookmark it.