Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wish List: Boots

I have a pair of "martha" green gardening boots that were given to me for my birthday a few years ago and that I wear in public with slightly alarming regularity. (do you remember the incredible Martha Stewart catalog?) The rubber is getting tired but they're still perfect for rainy weekends and trips to the muddy archery field.

It might just be time to upgrade to a new pair. I think these Hunter Wellington boots in navy or black, size 7, would be ideal. (Thanks for the inspiration, Laura) Santa?


P O S I E S said...

Yes! I loved that catalog she used to have. I love these Hunter wellies. I am seriously considering a purchase, especially with all this flooding we have here :)

Anonymous said...

Those Hunter wellies are on sale at Smith and Hawken. 20% off. Well they are at the one here in Richmond Va. I love them too because they are so high. Keri Russel looks really cute in this months Self magazine. She paired them with a denim mini and puffer vest.


love.boxes said...

I miss that catalog.

Anonymous said...

Doh, I went to the link you provided for the other blog and see that she posted a pic of Keri Russel, haha. Great minds think alike I suppose.

Laura said...

oh hi! thanks for mentioning me! love your blog.