Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Inspired: Dash and Albert

Confession time: I am a rug-hater. I get that rugs look nice and fill in a room. But I hate cleaning them. I hate shopping for them. And I definitely hate paying exorbitant prices for them when they will indisputably be stained and ready to toss after a year or so.

Dash and Albert may turn me around! Their inexpensive woven rugs (think $150 for 6x9) are colorful, casual and all around perfect. And I'm in love with this slightly more expensive wool chocolate and white rug. I'm ordering a catalog today!


love.boxes said...

pretty pattern.

Jamie Meares said...

i agree! yes!

i'm now emailing friends with your sister =) she lives where i live! sort of.

amanda said...

ooh ooh oooh! Love that rug! Very cute. And I totally agree... why are rugs so dang expensive. And shopping for them - always a dusty-nose-itching annoying process.