Thursday, January 31, 2008

Things I Love Today: Perfect Containers

We have a tiny kitchen, so everything needs to serve a dual purpose. The cookie drying rack is also a dish rack. The porcelain tart pan is also for baking fish and small chickens. The hand mixer serves as blender, mixer and food processor.

And leftovers get put in cheap dishes from Chinatown topped with foil. It's a good system until you have to take them somewhere! If I had more room, I would love a set of these glass containers from Martha. And at a little over a dollar a piece, you don't have to worry about giving them away.


love.boxes said...

I want those too.

Miss Emily, My sister is getting married in April and she is looking at china too. She showed me these today. They are very inexpensive and I think they are lovely too .. see what you think.

MissEm said...

Very pretty!

Molly said...

I have these and they're great. They're dishwasher-safe and don't stain. Best of all, you can put them in the oven.

Jecca said...

I have these containers and they are perfection. Freezer, dishwarsher, microwave, oven. They do it all and are easy to clean. Martha has my devotion. And any leftovers she would like :)