Friday, January 18, 2008

Urban Girl Almanac: City Mouse

This has been a good week. The sun is out and we're headed into a three day weekend. Here's what I learned this week:
  • I ♥ Jane Austen.
  • Riding the tandem bike is much faster, dorkier, than walking to work.
  • Pretzel chips with hummus is the best snack.
  • I climbed my first ever 10d this week! Yay!
  • Ancient jewelry designs endure. I have a pair of etruscan design earrings that I bought when I was a horribly unstylish 13 year old and still wear.
  • I've recently discovered the joy of Freaks and Geeks.
  • La Redoute is running a great sale on French basics right now.
  • Keeping cans of various beans in the cabinet helps with last minute meals.
  • Spending a couple hours at the hair salon getting color and a blow out is a great treat.
  • I simply do not have the caffeine tolerance required for drinking a tall morning latte without turning into Tyrone Biggums.
  • Staying out until 3am on a school night isn't so bad in moderation.
  • I hereby vow to never watch another scary movie filmed in "hand held camcorder" style.
Margaret, Rob and I are off on a road trip tomorrow morning! The car is packed with Cheeze-its and mix CDs for the 5 hour trek up Weaverville. Our adorable country mouse friends, Rich and Molly, live there and have a baby arriving in the spring. You may remember Weaverville from last year's trip and the wedding before that. Should be another funny adventure!


chelsea said...

LOVE Freaks and Geeks.

beth said...

Oh Freaks and Geeks. Love, love, love it.

love.boxes said...

canned beans are my secret recipe too. A quick meal is just tortillas with RF (98% fat free) beans a little cheese and this is the secret ingredient Cholula Hot Sauce from Mexico.. it's the best!

greeneyes said...

Hooray! Somebody else has discovered the magic of Freaks and Geeks. I was one of the five people who watched it when it aired (Monday nights against Ally McBeal, if I remember correctly, and then moved to the kiss-of-death Saturday night), and I bought the box set the minute it was released. :)

erica said...

i hope you all have a wonderful time with rich and molly! a road trip sounds like fun.

Kim said...

Oh, pretzel chips and hummus is my favorite snack too!!!