Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: Invitations

My goal for Wedding Wednesday this week is to get a handle on the invitation design. I'm a good graphic designer, but I get nervous when doing projects for myself. I can be a very tough client!

I have some ideas in mind and keep finding new inspiration. Daisy Chain posted a link to this French reception menu from 1919 and my head literally exploded. Isn't that gorgeous! Alphonsine was one lucky bride.

I isolated the orange blossom design last night (click here to get the large size). It is too low res for print but could work in an email invitation to a bridal shower.

If you've seen an example of letterpress design you love recently, pass on the link! I'm specifically looking for designs with flowers. I'm not used to the 3D nature of letterpress and need some ideas.


love.boxes said...

Gorgeous. It's so beautiful. Something like this would be perfect.

amber said...

Isn't it gorgeous?? You may want to try a Dover Art CD of deco flowers, it's a full CD (images are high res TIFF's & JPEG's) and a book. I get these from Amazon, and they are a huge resource for me. Or else, re-drawing this flower (tracing in Illustrator) would give you a nice clean flower for printing the invites.
Happy designing!

Calie Anderson, C.I.D. said...

Have you seen this months issue of Domino? They have a spread on page 82 of Art Deco Calla Lilly paintings that are very pretty. Might give you some ideas. I looked online for a link but couldn't find one.

zoomcracker said...

have you tried converting it to a vector image? i've been meaning to try this but haven't gotten around to it yet:

Anne said...

lots of pretty stuff on here:

Kim said...

I used Julie Holcomb for my letterpress invites nine short years ago...some cool ideas if you sit through the photos on her website: