Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: Magnolia Kits

The Illustrious Lindsay came through with a great recommendation for the paper flower garland!

These magnolia kits from Paper Source make 16" flowers. Perfect for adding a bit of structure and uniformity when combined with more diverse tissue and origami paper blossoms. Thank you, Lindsay (and have fun in Hawaii)!


The Illustrious Lindsay said...

You're welcome ;)

love.boxes said...

So beautiful and you could have your LAC help you make tons and tons. :)

Jessica said...

You're really making me miss wedding planning!

Smiling Mama said...

Oh these are so beautiful! I can think of 100 uses for them. Thanks for sharing!

MissEm said...

Great idea! Put those club members to work!

handcrafteddelights said...

I made many of these paper flowers for my wedding and the hardest thing was getting the petals to stick to the stem.

I also used 'stamens' for the middle. It gave them a real-look.

I have seen them for sale at

I forget where I got them. I think a flower shop?
have fun!