Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What to Wear: Changing Sizes

Fluctuating body types require a flexible wardrobe that can change with your waistline. Here is Lisa's request:
I have a what to wear for you. I'm in my thirties, attending college to finish up a long delayed degree in Art History. For the last 9 months, I've been attending classes only, no work. I am now re-entering the work place, however, during that time I was living off a school loan and lost about 10 pounds (size 6). These are pounds that I will gain back because apparently those were responsible for my curves (size 8-10).

Right now, all of my pants and skirts hang loose and most will not work with a belt. So I need to buy a few things to get by in the transition, what do you think I should buy?
I will probably be in another semi-casual job, so if they can also double duty as off-duty clothes, all the better.
The simple solution is a wrap dress! The more complicated answer lies in the fun voluminous silhouettes that are in style this season. Here are two suggestions, one for each:

Dress - Wrap dresses are so flexible. On a thin frame, wrap it tightly. Once your curves are back, the dress will really show them off. This choice from La Redoute for $44 is good for winter with boots or in spring with bright pumps.
Boots - From Nine West on sale for only $74!
Sweater Tunic - Wear with skinny black jeans now or with tailored trousers later. A low slung belt adds some definition.
Flats - With metal buckles.
Purse - Black pleated leather.
Earrings - From Forever 21.

Chic and flexible!

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Anonymous said...

Alterations! I'd say for more structured piece like dresses and skirts maybe just have them taken in a bit, but keep the seam allowance. Much cheaper and easier than shopping for a new wardrobe on a studen budget. If the curves come along with a desk job then you can just bust out the seam ripper.
Oh and sometimes I find a skirt that would look ok worn low on my hips and at my natural waist. And yes the wrap dresses are great too.