Friday, January 18, 2008

What to Wear: Working from Home Mother

It sounds like Jacinda has her hand's more than full with a baby and a home business:
I had a baby 7 months ago and although I am almost back down to my pre-preg weight, my shape has changed a bit and I haven't really found a look that matches my mommy lifestyle. We live in San Diego and I run a small Marketing/Branding/Graphic Design shop from home. I would describe my taste as classic/sporty with a funky twist. I have been wearing empire waistlines to hide my new tummy but that really just emphasizes my new thighs and hides my thinest part which is still my waist.

Really my only restriction is that it must be wash and wear. Babies are soooo messy. I like deals (who doesn't) but would probably go up to $150-$200 for a special piece. For pants I wont spend much because I plan to be a skinny minnie again by Summer and don't want to be stuck with $200 fat jeans. : ) What do you suggest?
Machine washable, affordable, artistic and's not too hard when you start to focus on the key items:

Jeans - A well fitting pair can do wonders for your wardrobe and self-esteem. The difference between price ranges is often just how easy it will be to find a flattering pair (and sometimes how quickly they stretch out or how much the dye rubs off on your hands). Personally, I'd rather pay an extra $100 just not to have to try on a million pairs to get one I like. See if you can find a discount designer pair at Nordstrom Rack or Marshall's. Don't forget to try places like J.Crew (pictured) and Old Navy just in case, too.
Shirt - Basic wash and wear t-shirts are easy for taking care of baby and can be easily dressed up when clients call. This tank style tee has a super flattering cut.
Jacket - Glam it up with a little jacket that can be easily tossed on for business or errands. I love the bright green and nautical inspiration of this machine washable choice.
Flats - A cute patterned pair of metallic flats adds extra flair. This pewter cut-out pair is from Target.
Jewelry - A statement piece of jewelry can make you look creative and put together. These earrings are best worn when there aren't little hands around to tug.
Bag - Big enough to carry all your work and baby needs.
Goose - This certified organic baby toy could not be cuter!


OneWorldMama said...

Hi Emily! Thanks for your blog. I completely agree about the jeans. Over the years, I've purchased many, but only a few fit well. It's worth it to pay a little more for ones that look and feel great. You save a lot in the long run! Now that I'm a post pregnancy mom and running after a toddler, I live in jeans! So it's really important to feel comfortable. Looking good is definitely a boost!

Also, the Lana Goose is a real cutie and unique. It links to a great store that sells children’s toys made of natural materials. It has good developmental information, too. For example, check out their educational toys.

Thanks again for your great ideas!

Anne said...

All of the Keds Elenor Shoe line is super cute and would fit in with a graphic designer I think. :)

Jill said...

oh i love it, that jacket is too cute, along with the bag

amber said...

I love, love this outfit! It looks like my perfect day home from work outfit, still cute and functional. Do you mind if I blog it and link to your post?

MissEm said...

Go for it!

Jacinda said...

Emily, Thanks for the great suggestions. I'm so looking forward to pulling this look together. I love the little green jacket. It's my go-to color right now, how did you know!?! Also, you are so right about carrying a big cool bag rather than a diaper bag, even if it is a stylish one. I'm off to Anthro this weekend to become a hip working mom! All I need now are some bad-ass sunglasses.

love.boxes said...

I adore this outfit so much! It's a favorite!

Sarah said...

Love that green jacket.