Friday, February 22, 2008

Party Recipe: Saturday Dinner

Our friends, Matt and Amber, are coming over for dinner on Saturday night. The rainy and cold weather precludes anything other than a cozy dinner party and maybe a round of cards. I'm not positive of the menu, but this sounds good to me so far:

Cheese & Olives - A basic appetizer mix.
Baked Salmon - My own easy recipe.
Potato and Onion Gratin - I've had this at someone else's house. The nutmeg makes it really special.
Asparagus - If they have the tiny little stems at Safeway again.
Pumpkin Bars - A recipe from my LAC cookbook that is supposed to be foolproof.

Yum! I love entertaining. Our poor apartment hasn't been fully "aired" since the New Year's Day brunch party. I will be nice to get everything polished and up to snuff.


Janet said...

I make something similar to the potato & onion gratin, except: 1) I use shallots, which I saute a bit first and 2) I use Gruyere cheese, grated, and LOTS!

Janet said...

I forgot to add that I actually make a white sauce, not too thick, instead of just adding milk or cream, then add a little bit of the cheese. With the remainder of the cheese, it's layered in. Instead of regular flour in the white sauce, I have something from Wegmann's (an East Coast food chain) -- their Pan Searing Flour. It's seasoned really well (I detect white pepper, which I love) and seems finer than regular flour.