Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Restaurant Review: Cafe du Soleil

We had an usually fun Monday night yesterday. Rob and I went to the climbing gym after work for a half hour and then rushed across town on foot to meet Margaret and a friend for dinner at our neighborhood Ethiopian restaurant. Mmmm....tbsie fish!

After dinner, we walked down the street to Cafe du Soleil. I've always wanted to try this cute little boulangerie and bar. Sitting at the bar, we ordered three cups of tea, an apricot tart and a chocolate tart (YUM) from the super friendly all-French staff.

The candlelit atmosphere is authentic Paris - not Paris, Las Vegas. They have a great beer and wine menu along with a small selection of open face sandwiches and salads. After March 15th, you're allowed to take your drink out to the sidewalk tables. A glass of red wine, a croque monsieur and lower haight dog watching...that sounds like a perfect weekend recipe!


Jessica said...

Yay for new food joys! We found a place this weekend that is so close and has the best burgers. Can't wait to go back.

michelle said...

I've always wanted to try that cafe... I've passed it so many times and never have stopped to go in. A taste of Paris sounds heavenly!

amber said...

mmmm, always looking for good eats in the city, and red wine & croque monsieur sounds divine on a Monday night!