Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Restaurant Review: Lulu

Wedding Wednesday is going to get a late start today. I'm still emerging from a food overdose after a business dinner last night at Lulu on Folsom Street. The food there is seriously good and we ordered way too much. Between seven people we ate:
  • Beet salad
  • Goat cheese, bacon and leek quiche*
  • Duck rillettes with cherries
  • Green salad with an excellent vinaigrette
  • Portobello mushroom beignets, two orders*
  • Rabbit with white beans
  • Pork loin with olive oil mashed potatoes*
  • Rosemary roast chicken with lettuce potato salad
  • Quail with quince relish and spicy kale*
  • Short ribs
  • Wood fired pizza with housemade pepperoni
  • Roast carrots, brussels sprouts, squash and kale
  • Myer lemon cake with pear ice cream*
  • Creme caramel with grapefruit and pistachio
  • Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream
Everything was served family style and the starred dishes were my favorites. Amazingly, we finished off almost every order completely. It's not every night that you eat pork, chicken, beef, rabbit, duck and quail in one sitting!


Chelsea said...

Portobello mushroom beignets? that sounds like heaven to me!

nancyd said...