Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things I Love Today: Chinese Scissors

My only souvenir from Sacramento (aside from two very sore calves) was a pair of "Chinese" scissors from the hardware store in Old Town.

Alternatively called "bonsai" scissors, the 100+ year old design of these handmade pairs is so elegant. You can buy a set of three for yourself here for $15. They'd be a good favor for a garden party this spring!


Chelsea said...

I LOVE these for flower arranging. I owned a pair for years, but alas they've been misplaced!

love.boxes said...

wouldn't they be lovely with a pretty ribbon tied on.. I am having a garden party too, but there are 99 guests and I can't quite swing that many pairs of scissors, but they are so lovely. :)

amber said...

These little snippers are truly a must-have! I got my pair from a sample sale at Smith & Hawken, way back when I used to work on their photoshoots...a total score.