Thursday, February 28, 2008

To Do: Easter Decorations

Last year, I didn't remember Easter until the last minute. What a shame, since I love decorating for this holiday. I remembered this year and put up everything last weekend. The apartment is so festive!

A few years ago, I made an Easter tree out of silk dogwood branches to cover with the tiny painted wood ornaments and decorated eggs I've either made or my mom has given me. I try add a new decoration to the collection each year. Maybe these fuzzy chicks will be in for 2008!


Jacinda said...

I am totally on board with the Easter decorating this year too. It really is such a pretty holiday. Now that I have a baby girl I can really get away with decking the place out with cute little Easter things.

love.boxes said...

I want to see the pretty easter branches. :) I love that.