Friday, February 22, 2008

Urban Girl Alamac: Scattered Showers

Whew. This week was short, but it was mighty. I'm exhausted! I guess an oil change, LAC party, hair appointment, wedding planning, rock concert and a bass lesson all crammed into three days will do that. Here's what I learned this week:
  • I'm SO going to the Black and White Ball this year! Reaching full-blown-obsession mode; planning ball gown shopping and dance lessons. I'm daydreaming that it will be exactly like the rowdy party scene in American in Paris.
  • I have this J.Crew sweatshirt from last season (it's a pullover) in tan heather and would wear it everyday if I could.
  • To whoever rented the second disc of Freaks and Geeks from the Castro Blockbuster and didn't return it: not cool.
  • Delessio on Market is fun for lunch. The vegetarian potato salad is really good.
  • The Charitable Events Calendar is good reading.
  • I need to buy a cute coat for spring. Maybe this Sunday.
  • Santa Barbara salsa is my lifeblood. Rob and I ate a whole container last night with a bag of Lompoc Tortilla chips that Margaret smuggled up for us.
  • I love this weather. A bit of rain and a bit of sun each day. It reminds me of living in Ireland.
Not too many plans for the weekend ahead. Climbing tonight, dinner party tomorrow, Tina on SNL, and shopping on Sunday. Most importantly, I want to catch up on being lazy!


Tara said...

Oooh! Please post if you find that cute spring coat! I've been searching for something appropriate for LA weather - not too warm - maybe a short trench? The hunt is on! (BTW - I love your What To Wear posts. I am learning so much about fashion from reading your blog.)

love.boxes said...

Isn't Leslie Caron.. so lovely in that photo. I love that picture.

Alicia said...

I NEED that sweatshirt - looks so comfy yet a little more refined than the hoody that I would wear everyday if given the opportunity. Glad to know that it's as cozy as it appears!