Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: Shoes!

Anne wrote in with the following wedding-related request last week:

Can you help me find this pair of shoes like this in white (or something similar)? The bow on this shoe would perfectly match the bows on the back of my dress and would look great on my wedding day. I'm flexible on heel height, material, etc. I really just want the bow!
There are a couple really cute options available for Anne:

1. Ramona Pumps - These are very similar to the Pendant Pumps and only $55.

2. Off White - This pair features a bow and a peep-toe in off white.

3. Splurge - A $280 pair that you could probably recreate by adding a satin bow to a plain white pump.

4. Classic - A full peep-toe pump with a offset bow for $79.


Andie said...

Oh wear the red ones! I did with my wedding dress.

Gen~Gen said...

Good question. Picking a shoe for your wedding day is a big deal {at least it was to me}. Everything I wanted was really expensive and I wasn't going to pay alot considering how often does one wear white dress shoes! I bought a very nice and affordable pair at The sight maybe something worth checking out. Have a great day.

AEO said...

Thanks Emily! I think the fourth ones are my fave (as I can't really justify the $$$ ones!!)