Thursday, February 28, 2008

What to Wear: Boots

Celia wrote in with a tricky shoe question:
My husband picked these boots {in black, no longer available} up for me as an early birthday gift. I chose black for the sake of being versatile. I have things to wear with them, but was hoping you could share some brilliant suggestions as well so that I can wear them often :) I'm 5'8, have a smallish frame, but am not devoid of curves (size 5), and short (bob), brown hair. I tend to lean towards a more monochromatic palette, love accessories, and am hoping to step outside of my usual comfort zone. Any inspiration would be appreciated.
These boots mean business! Pair them with something that plays off the tough, European image. I'm thinking "rock-star frenchie goes to an open air market in the rain."

Jeans - A skinny pair is easier to tuck into the boots.
Sweater - This is the perfect thing for running errands on the weekend. (Click through to "super sale" and then "knits" to find this sweater on sale for $68)
Tote - French farmer's market tote.
Jacket - A black twill piece from La Redoute.
Sunglasses - My favorite "tough" pair.
Scarf - Lightweight from Forever21.

This also works as "Sarah Connor goes to farmer's market!"


Leigh said...


My daughter just directed me to your blog. I am a 50 y.o. mom and I absolutely love your blog. The outfits you put together are great. I need the visuals. I have a great deal of difficulty putting outfits together. I really enjoy the variety also. I browsed some of your past posts and saw the post on Replacements. I live in Greensboro; isn't it an awesome place. Thanks for the blog, and you have a new reader! Oh, one question. I have never bought from La Redoute. Is their quality good? I was skeptical. Keep the outfits coming.


MissEm said...

I'm jealous that you're so close to Replacements! I'm always trying to get my sister to shop for me there :)

The quality of clothes from La Redoute is usually pretty good. I would recommend avoiding mohair from them. Their clothes are pretty true to size, too. The only downside is their customer service because it is managed in the US by Chadwicks.