Monday, February 04, 2008

What to Wear: First Day of Work

The first day at a new job can be a lot like the first day of school. New clothes, a chance to make a good impression...anxiety. Here is Shannon's request:

I’m starting new job in a few weeks & I’m hoping you can help me w/ a great first day outfit. I’m an interior designer & I’m going moving onto a much larger and more well-known firm. I will be working with some old friends as well as some former coworkers & I’d like to make a great impression.

The office is a mix of business casual & business dress, so a blend of the both would be great. I’m hoping for something polished and creative looking. It will be early February in Philadelphia, so it should be warm, and I’ll be on my feet for most of the day, so comfy shoes are a must.

I’m 5’-7”, with an hourglass figure (size 6 bottom, very large bust). I have long curly auburn hair, pale skin & blue eyes. I’d love an outfit that’s not a huge splurge on individual pieces, but I’m currently rebuilding my work wardrobe, so I could validate spending some money on some wardrobe basics.

On your first day, why not go with something classic and polished? Here's my suggestion in gray and coral:

Pencil Skirt - Flattering on hourglass figures and very flexible. Add tights for warmth, either black or nude fishnet would work.
Cardigan - Treat yourself to a special polka dot cardigan from J.Crew.
Shirt - A classic, crisp white shirt from Gap.
Shoes - These wedges from Easy Spirit are really cute and so, so comfortable. I have a pair in gray suede (the photo on the site is not color accurate). Tempted to buy another since they're on sale for only $20.
Clutch - You do work in the creative industry after all. This bright clutch adds some "pop."
Earrings - These little lacquer studs from Forever 21 look much fancier than they are.
Bracelet - Also from Forever 21.

Add a coat, a scarf and a smile. Good luck with the new job!


jill said...

Those shoes are so cute and what a great price...since you have them, can you tell me if they run true to size?

MissEm said...

I think they do. Don't remember any weirdness with the sizes.

lindseyjayne said...

Help! I bought these shoes and when they arrived, they actually do look like the color on the website, sort of a mushroom-y taupe. They look slightly grayer when I put them next to something black, but definitely not a pretty gray. Any advice on sending them back and maybe a different pair would be a better color? I'm tempted to just try the red ones, but I'd love the gray if the picture was right? Jill - they do fit me true to size!

MissEm said...

That's so weird! Mine are true grey and I assumed they were the same as on the site. Good warning!

Anna said...

I have never bought Easy Spirit shoes before, but I LOVED these wedges! Unfortunately, they didn't have my size on the ES website, so I had to pay full price on Zappos (which will only price match if you find the exact same size and color at a lower price). I bought a dark gray pair (as opposed to the medium gray pair shown on the ES site) - I think that's probably what you bought, Miss Em. :)

They are wonderful shoes - super cute and comfy - and definitely run true to size.