Thursday, February 21, 2008

What to Wear: NY Botanical Garden Wedding

Wedding season again, already? I feel like we just got through the holiday cocktail party crazy. Here is Meghann's request:
I love your blog and your style and am looking for help. One of my best friends from high school has become a hot-shot lawyer up in Manhattan. I try not to hold it against him :) He's getting married at the end of April at the New York Botanical Gardens (early evening wedding, not black tie) and I am desperately trying not to look so out of place with all the other hot-shot (read:rich) lawyers that will be present at the wedding/reception.

Basically I need to look modern and fabulous, which you do so very well. If it helps, I am 5'10" size 4/6, broad-ish shoulders, flat chest and good legs, very fair skin, with long dark brown hair.
For this sort of posh event: I always look to a DVF dress. These dresses are flattering, modern, not crazy expensive and with a good bit of socialite street cred. Since this is event is in April, you'll have to be prepared for some wet weather.

Dress - A good DVF dress will never do you wrong. This is the kind of piece you can wear to work with the right accessories and a great way to show off your legs.
Coat - A navy spring trench will serve you well all year round. Order two sizes up, darn Tulle.
Shoes - Red leather with a medium heel.
Clutch - Oversized in neutral crocodile.

Have fun at the wedding!


amber said...

great outfit, you've done it agin! that DVF dress has great cut and I love it with the red heels.

love.boxes said...

Lovely dresses and what a fun event to attend!

meghann said...

Yay Emily! I absolutely adore it, especially the clutch and the dress. I am all over this. Well done!

Amala said...

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