Monday, February 25, 2008

What to Wear: Wedding Season

Wedding guest dress buying season is fully upon us. Here is Shelly's request:
I love reading your blog, especially the what to wear entries. I am going to be a guest at 2 or 3 weddings this spring (March-May) and am looking for a dress to wear for these events (and later special occasions, of course.) I realized that all of my nice dresses are black, so I really want to add some fun new colors to my wardrobe. I'm 5' 3" and a size 2 with an hourglass figure, my skin tone is fair to medium (and slightly sallow) and I have chin length blonde hair and brown eyes.
This is a great reason to get a dress you really love. Don't forget to check the numerous sale racks left over from the holidays:

Dress - Invest in a dress you absolutely love in a bright color. Pink will do especially well to highlight your skin tone. This eyelet dress is adorable and fun from Nanette Lepore. (It also comes in white and would be a kicky wedding dress).
Jacket - White from Tulle.
Shoes - Basic black peep-toe pumps.
Clutch - Simple black clutch on sale from Aldo.

You can dress this up or down depending on the party!


love.boxes said...

I adore eyelet and loooove that dress! It's so pretty!

My Life: From A to Z said...


I love, love, love your blog. I love the pink dress.

these are seriously the cutest, cheapest, and more comfortable pumps I own. I love them to death. they remind me of the pumps in this outfit, just figured I share with you.

Mary said...

Boo! Can't see my life's link? Please share if you can. I neeed cute, cheap pumps.