Monday, March 31, 2008

Cottage vs. Cottage

Who else watched the first part of Masterpiece Theater's Sense and Sensibility last night? It's up against stiff competition from Ang Lee's version with Emma Thompson that I've watched at least eight times.

So far, the TV version is a lot more detailed and realistic. The most striking change is the cottage. In Ang Lee's version, it was still pretty nice and set back from a calm marsh (I wrote about it here). The Masterpiece version is a lot more run down and right on the cold ocean...but I really love the shell decorations and watercolor painting details inside. Which cottage do you like better?


Emily said...

I definitely watched last night. I am a hardcore fan of the Ang Lee/Emma Thompson version, and the book in general, so my expectations were high. I didn't much care for the casting of Elinor and Marriane, but they grew on me. Edward Ferris was annoying, rather than awkward and lovable. On the other hand, I liked that they drew out the contrast between the Dashwoods' old home and the cottage. Loved the drafty cottage by the sea. I also liked how they brought together the male characters, like when Brandon confronted Willaby. Can't wait to watch the second half.

love.boxes said...

I couldn't decide. I liked how the TV version had the mother walk in.. and you could see how small and cramped it felt compared with their last palatial place.. and how she wondered aloud if they could make a home there. I thought that was realistic to the feeling of the book..

But I can't get over the script Emma Thompson wrote for the other version.. because the prose was so beautiful and true to the feeling of the book.. So, I guess I liked them both for different reasons and I can't decide. :)

love.boxes said...

Oh.. I also loved the seashells.