Friday, March 28, 2008

Coveted: Expensive Purses

I know that technically I can afford some of these lovely handbags...but I could never actually bring myself to fork over the money. But, what if:

1. Kooba Katy Bag - $645.

2. Riverstones Bag - $248.

3. Vanessa Bruno Tote
- $628.

Bottega Veneta Hobo - $1,304 - Urban Outfitters made a knock off of this last season that I bought in white. Close in appearance, terrible horrible smelling.

How I'd love to have a shiny new purse...


Stephanie said...

The Bottega bag is really beautiful. I don't think I would ever buy it, but it's one of the few designer bags that I think are timeless.

Ang said...

I would just love a new black purse but have not been able to find one that I love. If you find one (at a little more reasonable price:) ) I would love to know about it!!

amber said...

That Kooba bag makes me swoon, I adore it. Tano bags are a great alternative to the $600 price tag.

Alexandra said...

Hi Emily!! Little tip from a fellow bag lover--Peek into bag sections at smartbargains and zappos... I've picked up great designer bags from there at over half off a couple times. Just got to be patient... but is well worth it in the end.