Thursday, March 20, 2008

Party Recipe: Sorbian Easter Eggs

We had our March Ladies Activity Club party last Tuesday. Yvonne, who move to the US from Germany a couple years ago, taught everyone how to make traditional Sorbian easter eggs. (Click here to read some humorously translated instructions.)

Basically, you melt beeswax in a spoon over a candle, dip feather brushes or pins into the wax and apply patterns to your egg. In between dying sessions, you add more wax to lock in the various colors. When you're done, melt off the wax over a candle to see the finished results.

I was rushing and only half paying attention to the instructions (as is my wont when it comes to LAC craft projects) and my eggs came out pretty well. You can view more photos from the party here.

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love.boxes said...

Lovely! What a fun activity!