Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Restaurant Review: Chez Spencer

I'm officially in love with Chez Spencer. It's my new favorite restuarant in the city.

We were seated last night in the well-heated garden patio outside the main restaurant. This area features French park chairs, vintage benches with striped cushions, potted plants and paper wrapped candles. It was so cozy and low key; the atmosphere was just perfect!

Our waiter was super French, you could barely understand what he said, and super formal with a long white apron with a towel around his arm. Everything came to the table on a little tray: the excellent wine, incredible rolls, amazing roasted garlic soup and delicious seared scallops. We finished the meal with a chocolate cake, apple tart and cheese plate.

This is a perfect place to take your parents, to celebrate an elegant friend's birthday or to have a romantic tete-a-tete. The prices are a bit steep, but if you're paying for yourself you could easily just get a bowl of soup, a glass of wine and an appetizer as your dinner. It's an ideal secret garden hidden in the city.

Oh, and because it is Wedding Wednesday, this would be an absolutely amazing place to have a reception dinner for 40 guests.


love.boxes said...

Sounds like heaven! :)

Tanya said...

I could have easily ordered hlaf that menu! It sounds delicious...and really, I didnt think the prices were out of line at all, especially for a city.

Ive never been to SF, so I have no comparison, but it looks about right for DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia or NYC, and not unlike the prices here in a small southern city (Raleigh). And $120 for a 6-course tasting menu with wine is a fantastic deal!

I can see why you would fall in love with a little bistro like this!

Tanya said...

oops, I meant half, not hlaf!

Miche said...

I've been meaning to go here with my husband since it opened!! I know what I'm doing for my birthday this year ;)

Emily said...

i've wanted to go there for ages... my next door (actually upstairs) neighbor is the sommelier. will have to set aside some money for a trip sometime...