Tuesday, March 11, 2008

To Do: Chez Spencer

I'm so excited! I get to go to Chez Spencer tonight for business. I pass this tiny French bistro everyday on my walk back and forth to work. It's terribly fancy and expensive.

It's a treat because Rob and I are in the middle of a week of cutting back. Between taxes, the wedding and the recession gobbling up our net worth, we thought it would be good to slow our spending. We cooked at home for all but one meal last weekend and have brown-bagged our lunch so far this week.

It's been nice...but in that limited way that things that are good for you are nice...like wheat bread or weight lifting.


Jacinda said...

"wheat bread or weightlifting." That is perfect.

love.boxes said...

Good for you! I don't know how you are doing it. If I lived in SF.. eating out would be the greatest of all temptations. :)