Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: New Clothes

We were looking through my parents wedding and honeymoon photos last weekend. They got married here in the city and spend their honeymoon in Poland at a film festival.

One thing that I hadn't notice before was all the cute new clothes my mother had for the trip. This was the mid 70's. She left the reception in a gorgeous royal blue sheath dress and matching coat. On her honeymoon, she wore a red and white print dress (pictured). I wish she still had some of these clothes!

That got me thinking about my own honeymoon wardrobe. I need to find the perfect things to wear on our road trip around the west! So far, I have picked up that blue nightgown and this red jacket from J.Crew.


Leslie said...

i put that red jacket in my shopping cart yesterday. . . . such a great color! i may just have to buy it, too. :)

that is an awesome picture, btw.

love.boxes said...

What a great photo!

Golightly said...

love the j crew jacket and I am in love with that photo of your mom - how chic and stylish she is, love her handbag and the feel of the photo is breathtaking.

katek said...

This made me smile--love the photo of your mom, and I had a lot of fun gathering up a bit of a honeymoon wardrobe, myself. We went to Nevis and my summer beach wardrobe was nonexistant, so a couple weeks before the wedding I went and got three or four bikinis at H&M (they fit great and are super cheap), all in blues or browns, and also got a nice coverup-shirt-thingy, a couple little skirts and t-shirts, a cotton tank dress and some new flip-flops and a beach bag, all in browns and blues so I could mix everything together, and all on the uber-cheap. It was fun to have all the new stuff on the trip, and now whenever I wear it I think about our honeymoon!