Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What to Wear: Creative Office

My office is in the Design District, so I'm surrounded by well dressed interior decorators all day long. I love their uniform of expensive jeans and boutique pieces. Here is Ms. Brown's request:
I've been following your blog for a couple months now and love your What to Wear advice. I'll be starting a new job in a couple weeks in a casual creative (event planning) office with only 2 people - myself and the business owner. What would be your suggestions - I'm coming from a 3000 employee office/corporate world environment.
How fun! You don't have to throw out your suits, but you shouldn't plan on wearing the pieces together for a while. It's time to go "casual creative." Explore with color or with volume. BCBG's spring collection is super inspiring, but pretty expensive. Let's do it on the cheap:

Jeans - A wide leg trouser pair. Fancy enough for the office and durable when you're out in the "field".
Top - From Urban Outfitters.
Jacket - A close approximation in cut from Forever21 for $30.
Handbag - Invest a bit in a sharp looking, brand neutral handbag.
Wedges - My easy spirit wedges are the only heels I can actually walk to work in. It's amazing.

Good luck with your new job!


katek said...

Ok, Miss Emily! You have raved about Easy Spirit one time too many--I'm a tried and true Aerosoles girl, but I went on ES and they still had a few pairs of those grey suede wedges you're so fond of, on sale now for $19.99! I ordered a pair, and a pair of slingbacks from that same "E Collection," for a total of $49, and then before I submitted it I did a quick coupon code search and found one good through the end of march for 20% off: 20bounce. It worked. Anyway, if you want a backup pair of those grey wedges for practically free.....

Golightly said...

Fun, fun, fun! This was my request – thank you very much. I have an update: I didn’t take that job but have ended up in a creative, laid back, casual (we can wear jeans any day) corporate department, still event planning and PR. Thanks so much! I am so hearting that jacket.

MissEm said...

Sweet! I love "granny" shoes!

Claire said...

So cute!