Tuesday, April 08, 2008

To Do: Spa Day

I have to work this weekend at a financial literacy conference for women (email me if you want more details). So I have a bit of comp time to use this week or next week. I'm thinking that a half day at the spa is just what I need.

A facial followed by some time in the japanese baths perhaps? Or maybe take advantage of the midweek special at this SOMA spa. I can't wait!

Update: Michelle alerted me to the fact that it is Spa Week April 14-20! $50 specials all across town.


beth said...

Oh wow, I am so jealous. Have a great time, whatever you decide! :)

love.boxes said...

Have fun!

michelle said...

Is it Spa Week next week where you live? You might save a little on treatments. It is here (NYC) and I've booked myself for a massage - I can't wait!

Meg said...

Huh. So I was reading the article in the economist this week about the general lack of financial literacy in this country, and wondering if there were things one could do to help out. What are the details about this conference, it sounds interesting. (and I'm supposed to hit the Japanese baths for the first time on Saturday. Woo!) (if you want to email me, I'm megkeene at gmail dot com)