Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: Cabin of Love

A cozy cabin built for two in the woods of romantic for a honeymoon spot! These 1920's log cabins near Crested Butte come equipped with wood stoves, hammocks and campfire pits. And at just around $100 a night, they won't break your joint bank account.


Sarah G said...

Hi, I love reading your blog but never comment. Anyhow, we just moved from CO, lived there my whole life, and can I just say that Crested Butte is one of my all time favorite towns! It is simply wonderful! You will have so much fun!

ChristineCPK said...

Is this where you decided to honeymoon?! We stayed in a little log cabin not too different from this one (but in Maine) and it was wonderful!
The perfect way to relax & unwind with your man after all the wedding chaos!