Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Round-Up: Heat Wave

I loved the heat wave we had the last few days. San Francisco is extra fun when the weather is above 70. There's no AC here, so the whole city slows down, gets happy, goes outdoors and puts on cute clothes.

On Friday, I had a dinner meeting after work to prep for the conference on Saturday. When I finally made it home, I was pretty beat. But thanks to stress and the heat, I only got a few good hours of sleep.

Up at 7:00 on Saturday to get ready. Rob was nice to drive me downtown so I didn't have to take the subway with my boxes. The conference went pretty well. Although, I discovered that I don't care much for motivational speakers. During one of the breaks, I ran to Forever 21 and picked up some flouncy spring blouses.

I made it home on the train in the heat at 6:00. Rob and I walked up to Randall Park. We sat on the rocks toasting the city for an hour with the last of the sun and a beer.

Back at home, I crashed. The city is so quiet when it is warm. I just flopped on the couch and listened to the birds for an hour. Pizza delivery from Goat Hill and to bed at 10.

Sleep! I didn't get out of bed until 10 the next morning. I was so tired that I had dreams about sleeping. It was already 73 degrees out so we motivated right after breakfast: coffee, oatmeal and the Mclaughlin Group (great parody).

We took the tandem bike out for a ride through the park to Ocean Beach. It was sunny and crowded at the beach, plenty of dogs, kids and surfers. Back at home at 12:30 to quickly shower and dress. I took the train out to Inner Sunset for the LAC party with Calie. Strawberry margaritas and mexican train.

Back at home, I zonked again. After a rest, Rob and I went for errands in the neighborhood. Leftover pizza for dinner at home. I motivated enough to put up all my winter tweeds and heavy sweaters and replace them with my spring brights and whites before going to be early.


love.boxes said...

I love the warm weather.. we got some today as well! Hooray for warm weather, pedicures and sandals!

Anonymous said...

Randall Park--that looks like the view from Bernal Hill. Is that where you were?

MissEm said...

Close, Bernal Hill is further south east. Randall Park is behind the Castro on your way up to Buena Vista and Twin peaks.