Monday, April 21, 2008

What to Wear: Ballerina Sweater

Have you checked out the EmilyStyle Tag Sale yet? I've already sold one of the dresses, so my first foray into eBay selling isn't a total wash. There are still some great items for sale.

One piece that I love is the pink ballerina sweater. It would be so easy to put together a stylish outfit with it as a topper.

Theory Cashmere Ballerina Sweater - Soft and pretty. This sweater comes from my friend Amber. I'm really tempted to buy it for myself.
Jeans - Dark wash from Seven.
Tank - A floaty white tank goes well with the fluid sweater.
Handbag - An easy spring bag from Urban Outfitters.
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell flats are the best!
Earrings - Pearl studs from Forever 21.

Bidding hasn't started yet on that sweater so there's still time to email me and make a direct deal if you want it.

SOLD! To Charlotte in SoCal. Be sure to email me early if you want to snag something from the sale.

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mamacita said...

I love the way you offered what-to-wear suggestions for each piece. Now if only I were your size...