Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What to Wear: Friday Night Wedding in LA

Figuring out the right thing to wear to a wedding can be quite a mystery. Especially when it is a non-traditional event in a town you don't know very well:
I live in WV, and will be attending a Friday evening wedding in LA on May 9. We will be in town for essentially a long weekend. I am not sure what to wear to a Fri evening wedding (in LA!!). I am slender, 5'6", sizable bust, and very short blonde pixie cut.

This is my problem... the wedding is kind of unconventional. Of course, it is on a Friday night. The bride is originally from Bulgaria. (Not sure what their customs are.) The groom is extremely nontraditional and casual. I don't think there will be any attendants. They even asked for no gifts. I can spend a couple hundred, not including shoes, accessories, etc.
Some outfits can fit in perfectly almost anywhere, I think a good DVF dress is one of the most versatile. Let's find something for Christi to wear in L.A.

Dress - I don't claim to be an expert when it comes to sizable busts, but it looks like this dress could handle a chest. $178 from Bloomingdale's. The color is versatile and it should be in balance with your short hair.
Sweater - A polka dot cardigan on sale from J.Crew is a good emergency cover-up.
Shoes - Gray satin pumps.
Necklace - Find something bold and artsy.
Clutch - From Target.

Have a great time in LA!


love.boxes said...

Adore that sweater!

Christi said...

Thanks SO MUCH Emily!! I love the outfit... down to the accessories. The JCrew sweater is backordered until the week before the sedding, but I think I can find something like it! You are fabulous!! Christi

Janet said...

As I recall, the Garnett Hill catalog had some polka dot sweaters, but I don't know if they will fit the bill or not color-wise. Worth a try, though.

Anonymous said...

Fossil has a somewhat similar sweater (although it is white/blue). Don't know if that helps at all...