Thursday, April 10, 2008

What to Wear: Ireland

Laurie is going to Ireland for the summer and wants a sophisticated, artsy look:
I really enjoy your blog, and your "what to wear" advice is fabulous (which brings me to the purpose of this email)...I've just turned 22, and I'm about to move from Alabama to Cork, Ireland for at least 3 months this summer, and I have no idea what to buy/bring with me.

Now, Alabama is a pretty casual place (for the most part), and I've spent the last 4 years on a college campus (which gets even more casual). Last winter/spring, I studied abroad in Cork for 5 months, and I felt so fashionably out-of-place the entire time. Uhg. It was awful (the clothing, not the experience!). Everyone thought I was in high school. And when it comes to city living in the summer, I'm absolutely clueless!

I am on a bit of a budget. However, I would like to look stylish (maybe a little artsy), and yet still remain cool in the daytime and warmer at night (the nights are never warm there, really). I will be doing a *whole* lot of walking, but I am definitely open to heels. I am on the shorter side (5' 3"), slender, very* fair-skinned, and blond. If you could help me, it would be amazing!
Definitely buy a lot of clothes state-side, where the exchange rate isn't going to give you heartburn. Here's what I would love to wear on a spring day in Ireland.

Sweater Tunic - Okay, so this is a UK company, kind of a strange place to start. But I just adore this soft merino tunic. You could wear it with a long sleeved shirt underneath when it is cold. And the US prices are better than the UK prices for the same pieces.
Jeans - Dark wash is extra stylish.
Flats - Stock up on a lot of inexpensive, comfortable flats.
Bag - It came with the photo, I think it is this leather tote from Boden.
Sunglasses - I love aviators.
Picnic - Mmm...Hearty Irish brown bread, farm cheese and a pint. The Guiness in Ireland is really leagues better than the stuff you get outside the country.

Have a great time in Ireland!


katek said...

I've previously commented on my adoration of the happy Boden stuff... Yes, that is the leather tote--I own it in the green color, which is a nice shade of leaf green. It's super sturdy and the perfect size to fit everything from my work laptop (a small thinkpad) to a scarf, etc. The shoulder straps are comfortable, which was my #1 concern. (I like green bags because they go well with black or brown.)

Jane Flanagan said...

And... you'll need some kind of jacket too. It can be damp and chilly in the summer too!

Laurie said...

Thanks so much! That's fantastic!

Will most certainly put on my to buy list...

beth said...

Don't forget a rain jacket and umbrella! ;) I have that tote in the reddish colour and absolutely love it. Like Katek says, it's big enough for everything but still comfortable. Can't beat that.

lsaspacey said...

I totally agree about the Guinness. On my trip four years ago, I not only drank it at every evening meal but I also went on the factory tour and therefore had a truly fresh pint. So different... and yum.