Friday, May 16, 2008

Urban Girl Almanac: Too Darn Hot

This heatwave has me walking slower, taking it easy and getting less done. I feel like I'm going to start talking with a southern drawl if it keeps up. Nothing like the frenetic pace that normally comes with our brisk NorCal weather. Here's what I learned this week:
  • Lead climbing at the gym is much more tiring than regular climbing.
  • Flower arranging with a bunch of women is so fun.
  • Pesto pasta always seems to smell better than it tastes.
  • I only have three good outfits for when it is warm.
  • There's been a produce explosion this week. All the sudden there are delicious tomatoes, artichokes, strawberries and corn. I can't wait for the stone fruit to arrive.
  • Regardless of your feelings for the yellow dress, you have to admit it looks pretty darn cute on my sister.
  • Seriously, if this heat continues I might take to sleeping on the fire escape like that couple in Rear Window.
  • Why is it that the one thing you want to wear is always the one thing you can't find in your closet or laundry hamper? Which comes first: the wanting or the missing?
  • There was a huge street party in the Castro last night to celebrate. We could hear the cheering from home, seven blocks away.
  • I think the weather beat me again today. My wide belt seemed like a good idea, but became an instrument of torture once it was over 80 degrees at my desk.
  • LOST! I'm sad that I'm going to miss the finale next week when flying to NY.
  • I want to go to the movies tonight for the free AC.
  • This week's San Francisco art is from Chantal deFelice via Etsy.
Bay to Breakers is this Sunday! I'll be there loaded up with sunblock and Gatorade. Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree about pesto pasta, and felt like I was the only one with that opinion. Have a great weekend!

cyndi & lee said...

The dress is adorable on your sis!

love.boxes said...

I hope it cools off for you soon.. if not you might consider a window mount swamp cooler.. oooh they feel good!

Anonymous said...

that dress says va va voom!! Your sister looks great and you can see the details (like the material and the buttons) a lot better in her picture. She won't be a bridesmaid for long :)

Betsy said...

The 2 hour season finale of Lost is in two weeks. So you're set! :)

lsaspacey said...

The dress is hot! I love it.

Also if you did miss the finale you could just check it out the next day on

Molly said...

The dress looks wonderful on your sister! Way better of a picture helps too! Yay!