Friday, May 16, 2008

What to Wear: Beat the Heat

Listen up may have won yesterday (and a tiny bit today when I was walking to work with no shade) but you're going down. I'm dressed to beat the heat in a white pencil skirt, wide belt, a black tee and purple flats and I have Brett Dennen on my ipod. I'm staying composed. I will not melt.

Here's an outfit I used as inspiration last night when forming my game plan:

Dress - Pretty in red and white from BCBG, and on sale too!
Sweater - It's nice to have a little coverage, even if it is blazing hot. This short sleeved number is great for summer.
Belt - Adds a little polish to the combo.
Flats - With a pretty ruffle on the toe.
Clutch - A big heavy bag is the last thing you want on a hot day.
Sunglasses - A must have.

I feel cooler just thinking about this outfit.


love.boxes said...

Very cute!

Sarah said...

Cute! However, I have discovered the drawback of the flats/no socks combo in the heat. I'm up in Vancouver where we're having the same heat wave and my feet got all slimy inside my shoes today. Ick! I'm so glad I had an emergency pair of flip flops in my bag.