Thursday, May 08, 2008

What to Wear: Black and White Ball

The Black & White Ball is only a few weeks away. I've got to start thinking about what I'm going to wear.

I found a dress a few weeks ago at a vintage store on Haight for $40. It's from a small dress house circa late 1970's. An ivory crochet sleeveless sheath with a small collar. It reminded me of a gorgeous Alexander McQueen gown I tore out of Vogue back in 2006. Very loosely associated with that gown to say the least...

Pulling this dress off is going to be a coup. I'm going to have to find the exact right accessories:

Shoes - This going to be the hardest part. I'll need something comfortable with a low heel that doesn't clash.
Hairpiece - I just so happen to have a stock of ostrich feathers and others at home right now to make my own hairpiece. I'll use this "fascinator" (awesome!) from the UK as inspiration.
Clutch - I have a couple at home that could work.
Bracelets - I need something bold...not sure if it should be black, peals, gold? I'll have to see it with the dress.
Make-up - Very shimmery, emphasis on the eyes not lips. Black eyeliner and false lashes, I like the half ones.

I wonder if I could bleach the dress to make it more white and less ivory...any tips?

PS: If you live in the Bay Area, you have to go to this party! It's expensive, but should be so fun. Here's a crazy video from one of the balls in the 1980's.


Meg said...

God, I am so so jealous. But while the other half is in Law School, it's just too hard to justify. Two. More. Years.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't bleach, but you could try soaking it in Biz instead.

lsaspacey said...

Don't bleach, the dress might fall apart. If you must, try . A lot of the Flickr users who collect vintage clothes swear by it, at

lsaspacey said...
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Elizabeth Smillie said...

I just love your blog. One of my friends sent me a link when I was planning my wedding a few months ago - you have been a great sourse of fun and chic inspiration!
Have you thought of a mild Oxy Clean solution for the dress? I have used it to brighten old doilies and other delicates. Might work.