Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Inspired: Typewriter

I'm solidly a computer girl. But I do love the sounds and textures of a typewriter. Back in my intern days, I spent many an hour addressing envelopes with an 1980's electric typewriter and wishing it came with a Ctrl-Z function.

This beauty is from Sundance's new collection of refurbished vintage typewriters available for $700 a pop. It comes with the original manual and a roll of ribbon.

(PS: Not that I was an intern in the 80's, it was circa Y2K but an old fashioned office)


Anonymous said...

This love is perhaps the result of deep memory. You spent many hours of your infancy in close proximity to my friend the IBM Selectric II

The Illustrious Lindsay said...

I love Ctrl options! Perhaps a result of my left-handed self encountering right handed mice (mouses?)

loren weltsch said...

love the old typewriter! it brings back memories from my typing class in 7th grade. the sound of the bell and the carriage return is still fresh!

mamacita said...

P.P.S. Yeah sure, Grandma; we know you really wrote everything out with your quill.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha - way to support your peeps! The typewriters are very cool, but check out the vintage cameras. Rob would love. I'd like the vintage jukebox we have, or maybe the Caddie!