Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ladies Activity Club: Retail Therapy

Our club party this month was really fun! Margaret hosted us at the San Francisco branch of Therapy, the store where she works. She set up a spread of five different kinds of cheeses, cookies, veggies, juice and wine on one of the counters.

After a few snacks, we were paired off in to teams for a 45 minute challenge to dress your partner head to toe in an outfit. It was tricky shopping for someone else with such limited time. Everyone was so creative!

I dressed my partner in a blue, peach and black jersey dress, a wide black belt, blue trench coat, black wedges, black handbag, two necklaces and sunglasses. She dressed me in gray skinny jeans, a pink and black jersey top, a pink belt, gray booties and a turquoise purse. Here's a photo of our two creations.

Once everyone was dressed, we had a runway walk and the three shop girls were judges. My partner and I won 1st and 2nd place (I think, it might have been 3rd and 4th place instead?). The manager gave out boxes of Joseph Schmidt truffles to everyone while we used our 10% discount to buy a few goodies.


The Illustrious Lindsay said...

That sounds like a great event. How lucky you all are to have such creative and dedicated LAC members!

Amber said...

OMG I missed this! :( The old age is kickin' in cause this was my ideal LAC event. Oofa. Sorry!!!