Monday, June 09, 2008

Party Recipe: Casual Japanese

Last night's dinner party was a big success. It was so easy and relaxed. I'm motivated to catch up on the rest of my social obligations now. Here's the recipe:

I put together the crisp and beets well in advance and kept them in the fridge. The fish was marinating and the green beans were in the pan when the guests arrived. All I had to do was throw the fish in the oven a few minutes before salads were served and turn on the heat under the beans. I threw the crisp in right when I took the fish out. I had also planned to make rice, but I forgot to turn on the cooker and skipped it. Everything was good, but the simple crisp was the star of the show!


Molly said...

That crisp sounds heavenly!! Crisps and cobblers are definitely my favorite desserts. Have you tried Ziplock zip n'steam bags yet? 4 minutes in the microwave and you have perfectly steamed green beans (or whatever you want to put in them) easy!! They are my new favorite thing.

Beulah Sorensen said...

I love your dining room table. Pretty.