Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sale Alert: Navy Trench

My favorite blue trench coat from Tulle is 50% off! I wore mine last night to the LAC party and dressed my partner in one from the store for the fashion challenge. It's a fairly lightweight coat with a pretty coral tulip lining. Hard to wrinkle and easy to wear. Unlike most Tulle coats, this one is true to size.

PS: Doesn't this illustration make you want to wear a trench with the collar up all the time?


Molly said...

They're all sold out :( Too bad, what a great coat!

Judit García- said...

I'm Judit García, the ilustrator of this artwork.
Please, if you use any of my artworks for you blog, can you put a link to my site or something?


MissEm said...

Hi Judit! The photo itself links to your site and there is a link in the post. Sorry for the confusion :)