Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Before we get to Wedding Wednesday, Jora from Domestic Reflections tagged me yesterday with a six questions. Here we go:

What did you do 10 years ago?
I was in my senior year of high school and enjoying a brief taste of popularity. I was social chair for student government, competing in auto shop troubleshooting and being a geeky prankster. My long hair was chopped over the summer into a pixie cut. It was a good year.

Five items on your to-do list:
  1. Put the bedroom back together after last weekend's painting.
  2. Plan a vegetarian dinner party for next week.
  3. Write thank you notes.
  4. Teach a co-worker to climb at the gym tonight.
  5. Buy cheesecakes and lingerie for the wedding.
Snacks I enjoy:
A cup of tea with milk, frozen grapes, honey ice cream, olives, raw almonds, carrots, salt and pepper potato chips, half an avocado with balsamic vinegar, dark chocolate, cheeze-its, radishes with salt, blue cheese

What would you do if you were a billionaire?
Have a nice apartment in the city with a garden and a big historic ranch near the beach where we could throw parties and people could come to stay all the time. Breakfast of coffee with hot milk brought to me in bed everyday. Dress exquisitely. Work for a charity and give art lessons to children in my spare time. Speak French. Estate jewelry.

Places I would live:
San Francisco, Paris, San Simeon, Montecito, Tomales Bay, Scotland, Cape Cod, Dublin, New York, Yucatan peninsula, the Legion of Honor, the Musee Rodin.

Jobs I have had:
  • Shipping clerk
  • Library volunteer
  • Docent at a historic home
  • Clerk at an Italian deli
  • Graphic designer
  • College newspaper sports editor
  • University relations office intern
  • Newspaper sports stringer (twice)
  • Irish political magazine intern
  • Classical music festival intern
  • Communications associate
  • Communications director
12 jobs in about 15 years...overachiever much? I tag Stephanie, Jean and Amber.


jora said...

Thanks, Emily! I loved learning more about you!

Phil said...
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