Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: Inspired

Proving once again that Austrailian's have the best wedding style, I found this lovely album on Flickr last night. Jess and Nathan were married outside of Melbourne in 2005.

Here are some details in particular to love:
  • Converse sneakers on the gents
  • Polaroid photos
  • Bride arrives in an Australian postal van, as she always dreamed
  • Simple wings on the flower girl all dressed in white
  • Cool vintage car
  • No fuss hair and makeup
  • Basic daisy bouquets and no boutteniers
  • Photos in the deep grass by the ocean
Just exactly right. Not too perfect. Very authentic. Click here to see all the photos.


suneeta said...


I am a long time lurker who loves visiting your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely style and joy of life. It is such an inspiration.

I just wanted to comment on this Australian wedding as well as so many wedding pictures I have noticed lately. I agree that the wedding looks sweet and authentic. My question is, where are all the guests? Out of all 222 photos there were maybe 2 shots of guests other than the wedding party. I have seen similar photo albums so many times where the majority of the shots are of the couple and the wedding party but the thing is that most often those friends that are so close now end up growing apart and what about all the other guests-don't they count????

Is this a new trend?

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,

I love to read your blog and have been doing so for quite a few months now(yes, I read the archives as well:) )
This is just too small a world. I know Jess from these photos. So it was such a spin out that I'm in Australia reading an American blog about an Australian wedding and I know her.
I think that the couple shine through in all of the wedding details. Which makes for a wonderful day.

MissEm said...

Small world!

(and I agree about there being just a few too many portraits in that only need a couple)

Caroline said...

what a lovely wedding..and you're right ..perfect..not too fancy, but fancy enough..totally charming!