Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: To Do

The wedding stress has been gone the past few weeks but made a big comeback this morning. I had to listen to AC/DC loud for a half hour to recover my moxie. A checklist always helps, too. Here's what I need to do:
  • Design the map and shuttle cards that I forgot about until just now Done!
  • Sign off on the invitation designs. Almost there
  • Order paper and envelopes for the invitations
  • Figure out what to do about stamps
  • Try on the muslin test Tracy made for my wedding dress slip on Sunday night
  • Get Rob's suit tailored
  • Put in the cheesecake order for September
  • Have minor (very minor) cosmetic dentistry next Thursday
  • Book the hair stylist
  • Research vows and wedding ceremonies
  • Find a second dress for the reception and shoes
  • Help plan the bachelorette party in August
  • Figure out placecards and table numbers
  • Find some more hotels for the honeymoon
  • Work on the acts and order of the after dinner show
  • Buy red and sparkling wine
  • Plan a visit to the venue for measurements and planning
  • Plan the photobooth
  • Draft a detailed timeline
  • Do something to help myself feel "bridal," maybe a facial?
That list is a tiny bit longer than I expected...yikes!


LoveLola said...

this list is making me want to make a list! (to bed wed 1 month after you)

this site might help u with one of your tasks:

Molly said...

Here is a great idea for can make your own using a picture from your invitation...
Like this...

But you can do it yourself with a site like this...