Thursday, June 19, 2008

What to Wear: 1940's Inspired Wedding

Patrice wrote in recently with a very tricky request:
HELP!! I have been looking everywhere for 40's vintage wedding attire and I can't find anything. I went to the Thrift Store and had no luck. My fiance is already in the Navy so it won't be hard for him but for me I need a dress or suit that matches. The budget is $40 to $50 dollars max and the deadline is the end of August. I want to dress post World War II any suggestions?
Yikes, that budget doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room. She sent this photo for inspiration. I suggest Patrice pursues a couple different options to see what works out best:

1. DIY - With a little creativity, you can pull something together that looks relatively 1940's from Target, Forever 21, etc. This fun jacket is from Forever 21 for $24, the shirt is also from there for $22. You can get a white pencil skirt from Victoria's Secret for $39. Those pumps are vintage style from Target for $32.

2. Vintage - Scour the internet, eBay and local vintage stores for something that might work. Vintage shopping can be frustrating when you have something specific in mind. Nice suits from the 1940's and 50's often run $100+, but maybe you can find something less expensive. This example is from ebay and sold for $80. Adorable t-strap pumps from Target for $24.95.

3. Vintage Inspired - The internet is perfect for this. There are a bunch of stores online that specialize in new vintage-inspired clothing. Revamp Vintage and ModCloth are two examples. This lovely ivory dress is from RedDressShoppe for $95. Beaded pumps from Target for $29.95.

4. Custom - There are also a lot of places online where you can have outfits custom sewn for you with vintage patterns. Through eBay you can order this white vintage inspired suit custom sewn from China for $88. Or, if you want to avoid the dubiousness of international ebay, Our Dancing Daughters will make you a skirt for $60 and a shirt for $55 in a color of your choice.

Whichever Patrice chooses, its probably going to be over her $50 mark in total. I've decided to waive the $15 What to Wear fee for her request. Maybe, we could pool $50 in donations from EmilyStyle readers to help her with her wedding costs? Comment below or email me if you're interested in chipping in a few dollars. Just pledges for now, if we move forward I'll set it up through PayPal.


Catherine said...

Great idea, Emily ... thank you so much for the kind thought. Add my name to the pot for Patrice.

Amy Wiltbank said...

Count me in.

kaili said...

I'm in too - anything for a wedding!

zeghsy said...

what ever she decides, the shoes from #2 & #4 are fabulous!

Maria said...

Nice postushe

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